How to Make an Earring Holder with 2 Materials!

Hello, my pretty little readers!

Today I’ll be sharing how I made an earring display/holder with only 2 materials! It is so easy to do, and it looks so cute! Let’s dive right in, shall we?


3 minutes (longer if you decorate the hoop)

Materials (only 2!):

8 inch embroidery hoop

10 inch circle of tulle, or some kind of netting


This earring holder can be made for less than $10!

Embroidery hoops seem to come in a wide range of prices, but I’ve seen them run as low as $1.50-$2.00. Tulle can be bought in rolls for as low as $4 or $5. You only need a small piece, though, so if you know a way to get less than a whole roll, that’s even better!


1. Decorate your embroidery hoop, if you want. If you bought a colored plastic one, that’s already done for you! If you bought a wooden one, you can paint it. I just left mine plain, and I like the way that looks.

2. The embroidery hoop has two parts: an inner hoop and an outer hoop. Loosen the outer hoop using the screw at the top.

3. Wrap the tulle or netting around the inner hoop, then tighten the screw so that the tulle/netting is sandwiched tightly between the inner and outer hoops. You may trim the tulle/netting if you wish.

4. Hang your earrings!

Final Thoughts:

What do you think? Not too difficult, right?

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Easy Greeting Cards

How to Make a Birthday Card in 5 Easy Steps!

Hello, my pretty little readers!

You know, making birthday cards doesn’t have to be stressful.

Last week, I showed you how to make a quick, simple greeting card (in 5 steps!). This week, I’m showing you how to make a quick, easy birthday card with the same number of steps, but a very different look:

I made this pretty card for my sister’s birthday, and she loved it! She especially liked that the balloons had different textures. If I were to make this card again, though, I would probably use different colors rather than different textures to make the balloons a little easier to see.

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30-60 minutes. It depends how you’re making the balloons and how long it takes to lay out the design.


  • Two markers/sharpies OR a stamp/sticker that says “Happy birthday” plus a marker/sharpie
  • Glue – I just use Elmer’s, it works fine for me!
  • A balloon paper punch OR scissors
  • A blank card (I have some from Michael’s that I use but you can buy simple white cards and envelopes online here)

If you want to make a card similar to this one, you’ll need:

  • Gold glitter washi tape (like this)  and a piece of gold foil (like this)

Otherwise (and this is probably cheaper/easier):

  • several sheets of scrapbook paper in different colors


This card will cost more to make if you want to use the glitter washi tape, gold foil, and balloon paper punch and you don’t already have those things. For those supplies alone, you might spend fifteen dollars.

If you decide to use various pieces of colored scrapbook paper and scissors instead, it comes out to a little more than a dollar per card (assuming you have the basics of scissors, glue, and markers, and are willing to invest in a pack of blank cards with envelopes) :

  • Blank card: roughly 38 cents apiece if you buy them from the link above
  • Scrapbook paper x3: single sheets of scrapbook paper will only cost you maybe 25 cents ($0.25 x 3 = $0.75)

Grand total = 1 dollar and 13 cents! You could definitely get multiple cards out of the scrapbook paper, too, as you only need a small piece of each.

Instructions (Only 5 Steps!):

1. Use the paper punch to make balloon shapes out of the washi tape/foil or scrapbook paper. My card had 16 balloons total: 7 glittery balloons and 9 shiny foil ones. If you don’t have a paper punch, you can use scissors to cut ovals out of washi tape/foil or scrapbook paper. I actually think it would look better to use several different colors, instead of relying on texture to differentiate between the different balloons.

2. Start to arrange the balloons in a pattern. I had to fiddle with them for a while before they looked close enough together for my liking.

3. Glue the balloons down. Make sure you leave room below to draw strings and include a message.

4. Use a marker to draw strings hanging from the balloons. I added a little bow so that all of the strings would look like they were tied together:

5. Use a marker, stamp, or sticker to write “Happy birthday” or some other message of your choice! You’re all done!

BONUS STEP: I also used the glitter washi tape to decorate the envelope a little!

I just added a bit along the flap. Pretty, right?

Final Thoughts:

I’d really like to try making this card with plain scrapbook paper in a couple of different colors to see how it turns out. (Update: check out the version I made using three different colored papers here.)

Let me know if you’d like to see more card designs, and as always, connect an share on social media!

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12 Things To Do With Scrap Fabric (That Require Little or No Sewing!)

Looking to de-stash your fabric supply? Just bought a bunch of fabric on sale and don’t have any clue what to do with it? Look no further than these 12 projects, which will help you use up some of that fabric that’s lying around! They’re also quick, cheap, and just plain cute!

The best thing about these projects, though, is that they require little to no sewing skills. They’re great for someone like me, who can hand-sew fairly well but can’t operate a sewing machine to save her life. No sewing machines necessary here!

These ideas can also be found on my Pinterest board, Scrap Fabric Ideas.

Note: I included the names of the bloggers when I could figure them out, but I am not affiliated with any of them in any way.

1.  Healing Heart Hot & Cold Packs – DIY Candy

Amy of MakerMama shared these, which are adorable AND practical! They can be microwaved or frozen to help with life’s little aches and pains. Requires minimal sewing, which can be done by hand.

2. Fabric Birdcages – Pillar Box Blue

Claire over at Pillar Box Blue has an ingenious (and pretty!) way to upcycle hangers and use up some fabric. No sewing required, only gluing!

3. Sweater Ornaments – Crafts ‘n Coffee

How cute are these sweater ornaments? They’re perfect for upcycling pieces of old sweaters, and they require only minimal hand sewing and some gluing.

4. Fabric Wrapped Water Bottles – A Nest for All Seasons

Nikki from wrote this post in which she spruces up boring plastic water bottles with just a bit of fabric, some trim, and glue. No sewing required!

5. Fabric Flowers – Kandy Kreations

These lovely fabric flowers require knowledge of an iron, but not much else! As far as supplies go, this project calls for floral wire and floral ribbon, both of which can be found at a Dollar Tree for only $1 each (I’ve seen them at mine, anyway).

6. No Sew Scrap Fabric Basket – Bless This Mess

Melissa came up with a very clever way to dress up a plastic Dollar Store basket. I’ve done this myself with a little wire basket and ribbon, and can attest that it is super quick and easy to do! As the title states, no sewing needed!

7. Mason Jar Covers – Fancy Tiger Crafts

I suppose the real project here is the jelly (recipe included!) but you could easily use this idea for one of those mason jar recipe kits or candy or whatever else you might want to put inside a mason jar. It really adds a nice final touch, and you don’t need to sew or even glue anything!

8. Pencil Case – Vikalpah

When I first saw the picture for this pencil case, I thought for SURE it would be another sewing-machine project. Turns out, it isn’t! Sahana figured out how to make this beautiful piece work with glue instead! I know, my jaw is still on the floor too.

(Note: this project looks a bit more involved than the others, but it’s so cute and doesn’t require any sewing, so I had to include it!)

9. Mailboxes – Permanent Kisses

Here’s one for the kiddos! Amy Lynn took a cereal box and some hot glue and made these cute mailboxes for her sons to play with. They would also be great fun for adults who want to send notes to their roommates, significant others, or family members. 🙂

10. Fabric Envelopes – We Can Re-do It

Kat found a great way to use those junk mail envelopes: cover them with fabric scraps! This project might take a bit more time but the end result is worth it. No sewing required here, either.

11. Mason Jar Lid Frames – CraftFoxes

This post shows how mason jar lids can be used to show off pretty fabric scraps! Another great no-sew project.

12. Rustic Sailboat – House of Hawthornes

Pam made this boat out of a branch, a twig, eyelets, and some fabric scraps! I think it could be great as a kid’s toy (sans eyelets) or as décor in a nautical-themed room.

Final Thoughts:

Of course, there’s always the tried-but-true rag rug idea for your scraps, but that’s so time-consuming. Most of these projects would easily take less than an hour to make!

Let me know what other roundups you would be interested in seeing, and be sure to keep an eye on this post as I may be updating it with more ideas as I find them.

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Easy Greeting Cards

How to Make a Greeting Card in 5 Easy Steps!

Do you want to make a quick, easy, handmade card for someone, but feel intimidated by all the doodads you would have to buy or the techniques you would have to learn? Trust me, I get it. I don’t have the time or money for that either!

Do you know how to use a ruler and a pair of scissors? Do you possibly have nice handwriting or can use a stamp or place a sticker? Then you’ve got what it takes to make this simple greeting card!

(I tried to make it look artsy.)

Note: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.


5-10 minutes.


  • Marker/sharpie or a stamp/sticker with a message of some kind
  • Glue – Elmer’s is fine!
  • Scissors
  • A blank card (I have some from Michael’s that I use but you can buy simple white cards and envelopes online here)
  • A piece of patterned paper, a little smaller than the front of the card
  • A very small piece of paper in a solid color that coordinates with the patterned paper


Less than a dollar per card (assuming you have the basics of scissors, glue, and a marker, and are willing to invest in a pack of blank cards with envelopes) :

  • Blank card: roughly 38 cents apiece if you buy them from the link above
  • Patterned paper: single sheets of scrapbook paper will only cost you maybe 25 cents
  • Solid paper: see above – 25 cents

Grand total = 88 cents! You could even use the patterned paper again to make more cards, if it’s big enough. Same with the solid paper as you only need a very small piece.

Instructions (Only 5 Steps!):

1. First, you’ll want to measure the patterned piece to fit the card. I like to leave a small border, since I use colored cards and I would like for some of that color to show.


2. Cut out the patterned paper and glue to the card. It should now look something like this:


3. Next, cut out a strip of the plain coordinating paper (mine was solid green, in this case). I made mine way longer than it needed to be because sometimes I mess up on the handwriting. 😛


4. Write (or stamp/print/use a sticker) your message on the strip of paper. It looks better if it’s shorter, although if you wanted to write something longer, you could make the strip stretch across the length of the patterned paper instead.

I had to figure out which color marker I wanted to use:


5. Glue the strip with your message onto the patterned paper towards the bottom right, as shown.

Ta-da! Your card is finished!

Here it is from another angle:

Finally, here is another card I did in the same style, just turned a different way!

Final Thoughts:

 I have more card designs that could be done in 5 steps! Let me know if you’re interested in seeing a series that teaches you how to make greeting cards in 5 easy steps. I would post one tutorial a week until I ran out of ideas!

Also, please follow/comment/share on social media if you liked this! I look forward to hearing from you.