Make a Cute Bib Necklace in Minutes

Hello, my pretty little readers!

I’ve wanted a bib necklace for a long time, but I’ve never found one I liked both the look and the price of, so I decided to make my own! This is my first attempt at one, and I love how it turned out:

Read on to find out how I did it!

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30 minutes (could be split up if you don’t have a lot of time all at once)


  • small piece of fabric
  • small piece of thin cardboard/cardstock
  • glue (Elmer’s is fine) or Mod Podge
  • small hole punch (Here’s the one I use)
  • jewelry pliers
  • 4 jump rings (I don’t recommend using weird oval ones like I did)
  • necklace clasp
  • unfinished jewelry chain (you can do a search on Amazon for those exact words)


I made this for less than five dollars!

  • used a piece of an old pillowcase for the fabric!
  • cardstock was from some other craft supplies that I bought
  • already had Elmer’s glue and Mod Podge on hand
  • bought the hole punch from a Tuesday Morning a while back and was glad to have another chance to use it!
  • bought jewelry pliers a while back as well
  • had some jump rings leftover from a previous jewelry-making project
  • necklace clasp was also leftover from another project
  • unfinished jewelry chain – I got mine at Michael’s with a 40% off coupon for $2.40 – cheap, but perfect for what I wanted

 Basically, the chain was all I needed to buy for this project, and if you use materials that are available to you, yours shouldn’t cost too much either!


1. Cut the fabric into whatever shape you want. If you want symmetry, you can fold the fabric in half, pin it, and cut it out that way. I don’t have a picture for this step, whoops.

2. Glue the fabric onto the thin piece of cardboard/cardstock. My “cardstock” was from some packaging and had some pictures on the back, so I painted over that using some white paint, even though it probably won’t show.

Here’s the fabric glued to the cardboard. I originally was going to make two, in case one didn’t turn out, but the first turned out so well I didn’t bother with the second!

3. Once dry, cut the fabric shapes out of the cardboard.

4. Punch holes into the corners, and attach the jump rings using pliers.

5. Figure out how long you want each side of the necklace to be. Cut the chain into two pieces, and attach one to each jump ring.

6. Attach jump rings to the ends of each chain, then attach your clasp. One half of the clasp goes on one chain the other half goes on the other. You’re done!

Final Thoughts:

I haven’t worn this yet, but I’m dying to! I’ll have to post a picture when I finally do.

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The picture frame seen in the last two pictures is a hint toward next Monday’s post!