Easy Greeting Cards

How to Make a Halloween Card in 5 Easy Steps!

Halloween cards are so much fun to make. Maybe you’re not used to giving out cards for Halloween, but you will be after this easy tutorial!

This project is one of a series of 5-step greeting cards that I have posted about. I have two tutorials for greeting cards here and here, as well as a tutorial for a birthday card here.

Follow along as I show you how to make a simple Halloween card in 5 easy steps!

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  • blank greeting card with envelope (links to white cards but I used an orange one – you could always glue a piece of orange paper to the front to achieve the same look)
  • glue  (as usual, I used Elmer’s)
  • washi tape or scrapbook paper in a Halloween pattern/color scheme
  • stamp of a Jack-o-lantern or other Halloween object
  • black inkpad
  • scrap of white paper (I used an envelope!)

The best thing about this project is that it will not cost you a lot of money. Blank cards are cheap when bought in a pack and so is scrapbook paper. The stamp and inkpad will probably be more expensive, but they can be reused many, many times.

Instructions (Only 5 Steps!):

1. Stamp the image of a Jack-o-lantern or other Halloween object onto a piece of white paper 3 times.

2. Trim the paper with the stamped images so that there is a small border. It should look something like this:

3. Cut a piece of scrapbook paper slightly larger than the paper above OR do what I did and cover a piece of paper with washi tape. It didn’t quite line up right, but it didn’t matter.

4. Glue the paper with the stamped images onto the piece of scrapbook paper/washi tape-covered paper, like so:

5. Glue the piece you made in step 4 onto the front of the card, and you’re done! As an optional last step, you could write something like “Happy Halloween” or “Trick or Treat,” but I felt like this was an obvious enough Halloween card as it is!

Final Thoughts:

I hope you liked this easy Halloween card! I want to make loads more of them and give them out to all my friends because it will only take me 10 minutes (or less) to recreate. Not bad!

As always, be sure to connect and share on social media.

See you next Friday (I know this was a day late) for yet another Halloween post!


Holiday How-To: Make a Dangly Ghost!

It’s never too early to make Halloween decorations, right? I know you’ve all seen those posts on Facebook about people who break out the spooky stuff as soon as the summer ends.

Today I’ll be showing you how to make a super easy, dangly ghost! It takes less than five minutes!

I’m trying out a different post format today, bear with me. (I admit, I had to look up whether it was “bear with me” or “bare with me”!)











“But Angela,” you may be asking, “How much will this cost me?”

The answer, my friend, is: not much! The first three materials most people will have on hand or can ask a friend for. Alternatively, you can use a tiny piece of black paper instead.

The tassel may be harder to obtain, but you can always make one yourself. It doesn’t cost more than the price of some thread/yarn!


  1. Draw two circles (eyes) and an oval (the mouth) onto the white paper using your Sharpie/marker OR cut two circles and an oval out of a piece of black paper.  You should end up with something like this:

2. Glue them onto the tassel. You’re done, all in less than five minutes!


Final Thoughts:

These are so quick and simple, you could make a whole bunch of them and hang them around your house. Ghost army, muahaha!

As always, remember to connect and share on social media. The Halloween fun continues next week. See you then!