Easy Greeting Cards

How to Make a Greeting Card in 5 Easy Steps!

Do you want to make a quick, easy, handmade card for someone, but feel intimidated by all the doodads you would have to buy or the techniques you would have to learn? Trust me, I get it. I don’t have the time or money for that either!

Do you know how to use a ruler and a pair of scissors? Do you possibly have nice handwriting or can use a stamp or place a sticker? Then you’ve got what it takes to make this simple greeting card!

(I tried to make it look artsy.)

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5-10 minutes.


  • Marker/sharpie or a stamp/sticker with a message of some kind
  • Glue – Elmer’s is fine!
  • Scissors
  • A blank card (I have some from Michael’s that I use but you can buy simple white cards and envelopes online here)
  • A piece of patterned paper, a little smaller than the front of the card
  • A very small piece of paper in a solid color that coordinates with the patterned paper


Less than a dollar per card (assuming you have the basics of scissors, glue, and a marker, and are willing to invest in a pack of blank cards with envelopes) :

  • Blank card: roughly 38 cents apiece if you buy them from the link above
  • Patterned paper: single sheets of scrapbook paper will only cost you maybe 25 cents
  • Solid paper: see above – 25 cents

Grand total = 88 cents! You could even use the patterned paper again to make more cards, if it’s big enough. Same with the solid paper as you only need a very small piece.

Instructions (Only 5 Steps!):

1. First, you’ll want to measure the patterned piece to fit the card. I like to leave a small border, since I use colored cards and I would like for some of that color to show.


2. Cut out the patterned paper and glue to the card. It should now look something like this:


3. Next, cut out a strip of the plain coordinating paper (mine was solid green, in this case). I made mine way longer than it needed to be because sometimes I mess up on the handwriting. 😛


4. Write (or stamp/print/use a sticker) your message on the strip of paper. It looks better if it’s shorter, although if you wanted to write something longer, you could make the strip stretch across the length of the patterned paper instead.

I had to figure out which color marker I wanted to use:


5. Glue the strip with your message onto the patterned paper towards the bottom right, as shown.

Ta-da! Your card is finished!

Here it is from another angle:

Finally, here is another card I did in the same style, just turned a different way!

Final Thoughts:

 I have more card designs that could be done in 5 steps! Let me know if you’re interested in seeing a series that teaches you how to make greeting cards in 5 easy steps. I would post one tutorial a week until I ran out of ideas!

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