Update: How to Make a Birthday Card in 5 Easy Steps

Hello, my pretty little readers!

I was a little ambitious with the post I had planned for yesterday, and it still isn’t done yet.

(Note: The ambitious post in question is 10 Things to Look For on Your Next Trip to Goodwill. It’s a great read if you’re into upcycling!) 

However, I don’t want to make you wait until Monday for another post, so here’s an update to my last post. In it, I showed you how to make a birthday card in only 5 steps. I made all of the balloons gold for that card, which made it hard to tell them apart.

Here is the same card, but using different colors for the balloons instead! Otherwise, I followed the same steps as I did in the last post.

The Original Card:

Updated Card:

I think it looks much better with several colors. I like the way I arranged the balloons a bit more, too. Thanks, trial and error!

What do you think?

If you missed it, check out the original post (linked above). As always, connect and share on social media!

Stay tuned for a new post on Monday, which will talk about the reasons for upcycling!



Easy Greeting Cards

How to Make a Birthday Card in 5 Easy Steps!

Hello, my pretty little readers!

You know, making birthday cards doesn’t have to be stressful.

Last week, I showed you how to make a quick, simple greeting card (in 5 steps!). This week, I’m showing you how to make a quick, easy birthday card with the same number of steps, but a very different look:

I made this pretty card for my sister’s birthday, and she loved it! She especially liked that the balloons had different textures. If I were to make this card again, though, I would probably use different colors rather than different textures to make the balloons a little easier to see.

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30-60 minutes. It depends how you’re making the balloons and how long it takes to lay out the design.


  • Two markers/sharpies OR a stamp/sticker that says “Happy birthday” plus a marker/sharpie
  • Glue – I just use Elmer’s, it works fine for me!
  • A balloon paper punch OR scissors
  • A blank card (I have some from Michael’s that I use but you can buy simple white cards and envelopes online here)

If you want to make a card similar to this one, you’ll need:

  • Gold glitter washi tape (like this)  and a piece of gold foil (like this)

Otherwise (and this is probably cheaper/easier):

  • several sheets of scrapbook paper in different colors


This card will cost more to make if you want to use the glitter washi tape, gold foil, and balloon paper punch and you don’t already have those things. For those supplies alone, you might spend fifteen dollars.

If you decide to use various pieces of colored scrapbook paper and scissors instead, it comes out to a little more than a dollar per card (assuming you have the basics of scissors, glue, and markers, and are willing to invest in a pack of blank cards with envelopes) :

  • Blank card: roughly 38 cents apiece if you buy them from the link above
  • Scrapbook paper x3: single sheets of scrapbook paper will only cost you maybe 25 cents ($0.25 x 3 = $0.75)

Grand total = 1 dollar and 13 cents! You could definitely get multiple cards out of the scrapbook paper, too, as you only need a small piece of each.

Instructions (Only 5 Steps!):

1. Use the paper punch to make balloon shapes out of the washi tape/foil or scrapbook paper. My card had 16 balloons total: 7 glittery balloons and 9 shiny foil ones. If you don’t have a paper punch, you can use scissors to cut ovals out of washi tape/foil or scrapbook paper. I actually think it would look better to use several different colors, instead of relying on texture to differentiate between the different balloons.

2. Start to arrange the balloons in a pattern. I had to fiddle with them for a while before they looked close enough together for my liking.

3. Glue the balloons down. Make sure you leave room below to draw strings and include a message.

4. Use a marker to draw strings hanging from the balloons. I added a little bow so that all of the strings would look like they were tied together:

5. Use a marker, stamp, or sticker to write “Happy birthday” or some other message of your choice! You’re all done!

BONUS STEP: I also used the glitter washi tape to decorate the envelope a little!

I just added a bit along the flap. Pretty, right?

Final Thoughts:

I’d really like to try making this card with plain scrapbook paper in a couple of different colors to see how it turns out. (Update: check out the version I made using three different colored papers here.)

Let me know if you’d like to see more card designs, and as always, connect an share on social media!

Be sure to check back Thursday for another pretty little post!