Makeover Monday

Makeover Monday: Boring Bowl to Cool Container!

Hello, my pretty little readers!

It’s time for another Makeover Monday, this time involving a wooden bowl. If you want other ideas for upgrading wooden bowls, check out my post 10 Things to Look For on Your Next Trip to Goodwill. Wooden bowls are the first item on the list!

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The Original:

These bowls were gifted to my family by my aunt, but we never found a good use for them. I took to painting a few and gave them to my mom and sister; however, there were still quite a few left.

One day I decided to use Mod Podge (link is to glossy version) to glue some torn comic book pages to one of the bowls. I don’t have any in-progress pics, but you’ll still get to learn a little about how I took a plain wooden bowl and made an awesome piece of décor!

I first painted the rim of the bowl with black paint. I did this because I wanted to leave that part comic-free.

Next, I tore up the black-and-white pages of the comic and used Mod Podge to affix the pieces to the inside of the bowl. I allowed for some overlap, but I had fun trying to figure out which pieces would fit best where.

Here’s how the inside ended up looking:

For the outside, I tore up the colored comic book pages and glued them down.

Finally, I used Elmer’s glue to seal and provide a glossy finish. The Mod Podge I was using had a matte finish, which I didn’t like – the above link is for glossy finish, though.

Final Product:

I love how this turned out! I think it looks so cool.

Let me know what you think, and as always, connect and share on social media!

See you Thursday for another pretty little post!


Makeover Monday

Makeover Monday: Drab to Fab Frame!

Hello, my pretty little readers!

Welcome to a new segment that I am calling Makeover Mondays!

On Makeover Mondays, I will be posting pictures of an item that I have transformed in some way, along with some information about how I did it.

The point is to inspire you to makeover your own items. Happy makeovering! (I know that’s not a word, but it’s all I could think of.)

The Original:

I picked up this rough, dull little frame at a yard sale for 25 cents.

For a quarter, I was willing to take a chance on it. After all, a little paint can sometimes go a long way…

I painted it with a paint sample that I got when I was trying to decide which color to paint my room. It’s not the exact shade that I ended up going with, but it’s similar enough that it will go well in my room.

There were some glimpses of the solid-aqua frame in my post last Thursday.

(Look familiar?)

Next, I blocked off parts of it with masking tape, like so:

I painted over some of the aqua areas with gold, which is one of the accent colors in my room.

Finally, I added a little pink paper flower to cover up the huge scratch/dent in the corner.

Final Product:

(I have a soft spot for Pusheen, as you can see.)

There’s the frame all set up in my room! Hard to believe it was once so plain, isn’t it?

Let me know your thoughts and, as always, connect and share on social media!

See you Thursday for another pretty little post!