10 Things to Look For on Your Next Trip to Goodwill

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(For crafting/upcycling purposes, of course!)

Hello, my pretty little readers!

Do you love a good bargain? I know I do.

As someone with not a lot of spare money to spend, I love thrift stores like Goodwill. I could spend hours poring over items, but I don’t exactly have a ton of time on my hands, either!

Enter this list: the things I (and anyone else with a wandering eye) should look for at thrift stores. May it save us all time, which, as the saying goes, is money.

After each item are some projects that the item can be used for. Handy, right?

In case you missed it, I have a post about reasons to upcycle. Now, you have no excuse not to put those reasons into action!

1. Wooden Bowls

By themselves, wooden bowls can be plain or even downright ugly, but a fresh coat of paint can make them look so much better!

Idea: Jewelry Storage Trays – Jennifer Rizzo

Idea: Color Blocked Wooden Bowls – Brit + Co

They also look great as planters for succulents!

Idea: Wooden Bowl Succulent Planters – Live From Julie’s House

2. CDs

The shininess of CDs lends itself well to many crafts, like sun catchers and mosaics.

Idea: Glass Sun Catchers – Suzy’s Sitcom

Idea: CD Mosaic Mirror – Intuition Physician

Their shape makes them ideal for clocks, too!

Idea: CD Clock – Morena’s Corner

And their flat surface also makes it easy to hold things:

Idea: Storage and Display Tower – A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts

You can even ward off bad dreams with whimsical dream catchers!

Idea: Woven CD Dream Catchers – Pink Stripey Socks

3. Vintage Suitcases

Vintage suitcases add charm to any room, whether as pet beds, tables, or something else entirely!

Idea: Vintage Suitcase Cat Bed – Sadie Seasongoods

Idea: Vintage Suitcase Coffee Table – Design Sponge

This next project only uses the top of the suitcase, but if you poke around you’ll find ways to use the other half!

Idea: Breakfast Tray – Mother Earth Living

4. Hardcover Books

Who knew books could be made into so many wonderful things?

Idea:  Book Wall Shelf – A Piece of Rainbow

Idea: Book Clock – Pretty Simple Ideas

I love this headboard idea, although I don’t think I’d ever have the patience to do it myself!

Idea: Book Headboard – Design Everyday

There are so many more ideas that I didn’t have time to include here, like purses and planters, too!

5. Jeans

What can’t you make from jeans?

Idea: Storage Baskets – Always Be Flowers

I love this journal idea!

Idea: Denim Journal – Life Made Creations

This next project is VERY similar to an idea from my post about things to do with scrap fabric.

Idea: Denim Scrap Wreath – A Fish Who Likes Flowers

6. Board Games

There are so many ways that board games can be made into new things that I couldn’t possibly list them all, but here’s just a few!

Idea: Game Board Table – My Repurposed Life

Everyone could use more storage boxes, right?

Idea: Clamshell Box – Secondhand Sandwich

There are also plenty of ideas out there for game pieces as well! The internet is full of them!

7. Picture Frames

Even tired old frames can be brightened up and made into something new!

Idea: Cork Board – Tea Rose Home

This next idea never would have occurred to me!

Idea: Tiered Trays – What Treasures Await

I’ve seen a lot of picture frame upcycles before, but this one was new to me:

Idea: Table Organizer – Wishful Tinker

8. Glass Candleholders

These are so versatile! They can be decorated in so many ways.

Idea: Snowman Candleholder – A Mom Not a Pro

Similar to the CD Sun Catcher, above:

Idea: Christmas Candleholder – Coupon Closet

Here’s a pretty wedding décor idea for cheap!

Idea: Gold Glittery Candleholders – weddingstar

9. Teacups

I love teacups. They’re so delicate and, as you’ll see, can be made into many things!

Idea: Teacup Pincushion – Sincerely, Kinsey

Teacup candles look like so much fun to make:

Idea: Teacup Candles – Meg Perotti

They can also be kept as-is and used to store jewelry in a pretty way:

Idea: Tea Cup Jewelry Holders – Paige Smith Designs

10. Globes

I found so many great globe upcycles while compiling this list that I really want to go out and buy an old globe now.

Idea: Star Wars Death Star – Simply Darrling

If a normal globe has too many colors for your liking, it can be painted to fit a more minimalist color scheme:

Idea: Globe Makeover – Sum of Their Stories

Altered globes make awesome décor pieces too!

Idea: Altered Globe – Hydrangea Hippo

Final Thoughts:

Hopefully this list inspires you to look at things a different way, even things that you already have! It was supposed to be a list of 20 items, but compiling this took so long that I cut it down. If this post is successful, I can do a sequel, however!

Happy thrifting, and as always, connect and share on social media.

Come back Thursday for a new pretty little post!







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