How to Make Rock Stamps!

Hello, my pretty little readers!

What is a rock stamp, you might ask? A rock stamp is a little invention of mine that came about because I wanted more stamps. Problem is, stamps can be expensive. Rock stamps are cheap!

They are super quick and easy to make, too, so what are you waiting for?

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5 minutes


  • glue gun
  • foam stickers/shapes (I like to use three of the same shape but you could probably get away with two or even just one)
  • flat rock – a rock that has a flat side to it (pro-tip: don’t use a painted one like I did in this post :P)


I’m going to assume you either have a glue gun already (it’s pretty much a necessity if you’re a serious crafter) or can borrow one from someone.

  • foam stickers can be bought at the Dollar Store for $1.00
  • flat rocks CAN be found outside, for free!

Grand total = one dollar! You could easily spend way more than that on a single rubber stamp.


1. Peel the paper off the bottom of the stickers and stack them on top of each other. If you are using foam shapes, then glue them together instead. I wouldn’t use hot glue, though, or it will make them bumpy.

Side view:

2. Glue the stack of stickers to the flat side of the rock using hot glue. That’s it!

Here’s another rock stamp I made many years ago, which was the inspiration for this post:

Want to see these stamps in action?

Final Thoughts:

I clean these thoroughly between each use with some water and a paper towel. Dunk the stamp into some water, then use the paper towel to blot and dry, until the ink is pretty much gone. You can also always peel off one of the stickers and replace it with another one if you don’t want to be bothered!

Need some wrapping paper ASAP? Use one of your new stamps on some plain paper/brown kraft paper!

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Easy Greeting Cards

How to Make a Greeting Card in 5 Easy Steps! Pt. 2

Hello, my pretty little readers!

Today I’m going to show you how to make yet another greeting card in only 5 steps. (The first in this series can be found here.)

The finished product will look something like this:

I love how bright and colorful it is, and it was so easy to make. Read on to learn how I did it!

Note: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.


5-10 minutes


  • Scissors
  • Glue (I always just use Elmer’s and it works fine!)
  • Flat paper bow (there are several tutorials online such as this one from Craftsy)
  • Enamel stickers or rhinestone stickers in a coordinating color
  • Washi tape in coordinating colors OR scrapbook paper
  • A blank card (I have some from Michael’s that I use but you can buy simple white cards and envelopes online here)
Washi tape, paper bow, and enamel stickers


  • One of the sheets of enamel stickers that I found on Amazon worked out to 11 cents per sticker.
  • The blank cards linked above work out to around 38 cents a piece.
  • Scrapbook paper is around 25 cents per sheet x 3 (for the bow and stripes)

Grand total = $1.24 per card! Not too shabby, really.

This will be more expensive if you use washi tape instead of scrapbook paper.

Instructions (Only 5 Steps!):

1. Add a piece of the wider washi tape along the card, somewhere near the bottom. Alternatively, you can cut a strip of paper and glue it down.

2. Add a piece of the thinner washi tape on top of that, or cut a thinner strip of paper in a different color to glue on top. I ended up moving the orange piece up a little, as you can probably see.

3. Glue down the paper bow. Make sure to center it on the washi tape or paper. It should look something like this:

4. Space out the enamel stickers along the thinner (in this case, blue) washi tape or paper.

5. This step is really optional. I didn’t like how the pattern in the middle of the bow was perpendicular to the pattern on the rest of the bow, so I added a small bit of paper to cover that up, and got the final product!

Final Thoughts:

That wasn’t too hard, was it? 🙂 I can’t wait to post more 5-step design ideas!

If you missed my other two posts, I showed you how to make a different 5 step greeting card here and how to make a 5 step birthday card here.

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10 Things to Look For on Your Next Trip to Goodwill

(For crafting/upcycling purposes, of course!)

Hello, my pretty little readers!

Do you love a good bargain? I know I do.

As someone with not a lot of spare money to spend, I love thrift stores like Goodwill. I could spend hours poring over items, but I don’t exactly have a ton of time on my hands, either!

Enter this list: the things I (and anyone else with a wandering eye) should look for at thrift stores. May it save us all time, which, as the saying goes, is money.

After each item are some projects that the item can be used for. Handy, right?

In case you missed it, I have a post about reasons to upcycle. Now, you have no excuse not to put those reasons into action!

1. Wooden Bowls

By themselves, wooden bowls can be plain or even downright ugly, but a fresh coat of paint can make them look so much better!

Idea: Jewelry Storage Trays – Jennifer Rizzo

Idea: Color Blocked Wooden Bowls – Brit + Co

They also look great as planters for succulents!

Idea: Wooden Bowl Succulent Planters – Live From Julie’s House

2. CDs

The shininess of CDs lends itself well to many crafts, like sun catchers and mosaics.

Idea: Glass Sun Catchers – Suzy’s Sitcom

Idea: CD Mosaic Mirror – Intuition Physician

Their shape makes them ideal for clocks, too!

Idea: CD Clock – Morena’s Corner

And their flat surface also makes it easy to hold things:

Idea: Storage and Display Tower – A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts

You can even ward off bad dreams with whimsical dream catchers!

Idea: Woven CD Dream Catchers – Pink Stripey Socks

3. Vintage Suitcases

Vintage suitcases add charm to any room, whether as pet beds, tables, or something else entirely!

Idea: Vintage Suitcase Cat Bed – Sadie Seasongoods

Idea: Vintage Suitcase Coffee Table – Design Sponge

This next project only uses the top of the suitcase, but if you poke around you’ll find ways to use the other half!

Idea: Breakfast Tray – Mother Earth Living

4. Hardcover Books

Who knew books could be made into so many wonderful things?

Idea:  Book Wall Shelf – A Piece of Rainbow

Idea: Book Clock – Pretty Simple Ideas

I love this headboard idea, although I don’t think I’d ever have the patience to do it myself!

Idea: Book Headboard – Design Everyday

There are so many more ideas that I didn’t have time to include here, like purses and planters, too!

5. Jeans

What can’t you make from jeans?

Idea: Storage Baskets – Always Be Flowers

I love this journal idea!

Idea: Denim Journal – Life Made Creations

This next project is VERY similar to an idea from my post about things to do with scrap fabric.

Idea: Denim Scrap Wreath – A Fish Who Likes Flowers

6. Board Games

There are so many ways that board games can be made into new things that I couldn’t possibly list them all, but here’s just a few!

Idea: Game Board Table – My Repurposed Life

Everyone could use more storage boxes, right?

Idea: Clamshell Box – Secondhand Sandwich

There are also plenty of ideas out there for game pieces as well! The internet is full of them!

7. Picture Frames

Even tired old frames can be brightened up and made into something new!

Idea: Cork Board – Tea Rose Home

This next idea never would have occurred to me!

Idea: Tiered Trays – What Treasures Await

I’ve seen a lot of picture frame upcycles before, but this one was new to me:

Idea: Table Organizer – Wishful Tinker

8. Glass Candleholders

These are so versatile! They can be decorated in so many ways.

Idea: Snowman Candleholder – A Mom Not a Pro

Similar to the CD Sun Catcher, above:

Idea: Christmas Candleholder – Coupon Closet

Here’s a pretty wedding décor idea for cheap!

Idea: Gold Glittery Candleholders – weddingstar

9. Teacups

I love teacups. They’re so delicate and, as you’ll see, can be made into many things!

Idea: Teacup Pincushion – Sincerely, Kinsey

Teacup candles look like so much fun to make:

Idea: Teacup Candles – Meg Perotti

They can also be kept as-is and used to store jewelry in a pretty way:

Idea: Tea Cup Jewelry Holders – Paige Smith Designs

10. Globes

I found so many great globe upcycles while compiling this list that I really want to go out and buy an old globe now.

Idea: Star Wars Death Star – Simply Darrling

If a normal globe has too many colors for your liking, it can be painted to fit a more minimalist color scheme:

Idea: Globe Makeover – Sum of Their Stories

Altered globes make awesome décor pieces too!

Idea: Altered Globe – Hydrangea Hippo

Final Thoughts:

Hopefully this list inspires you to look at things a different way, even things that you already have! It was supposed to be a list of 20 items, but compiling this took so long that I cut it down. If this post is successful, I can do a sequel, however!

Happy thrifting, and as always, connect and share on social media.

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Suicide Prevention/Awareness Ribbons

Greetings, my pretty little readers. Today’s post will be a sad one, and not formatted like my usual posts.

I know I just posted yesterday, but I felt compelled to make this post for 2 reasons:

Yesterday, the world learned of the death of Chester Bennington by apparent suicide.

Today happens to be the birthday of the great Robin Williams, who committed suicide in 2014.

I wanted to do something to honor both of them as well as remind other people that they are not alone. Teal and purple are the colors of suicide awareness and prevention, so I decided to use those colors when making my ribbon.

I used ribbon, a paper flower, a butterfly clutch pin back, and (not pictured) a rhinestone sticker.

First, I made a loop with the ribbon and glued it where it overlapped. I also trimmed the ends.

Next, I glued the paper flower on top of the overlapping ribbon. It would been nice to use teal ribbon but I didn’t find any in my stash. I felt like a flower worked, though, because it can symbolize life and growth.

I felt that looked a little bare, so I also added a rhinestone sticker:

Finally, I glued the pin back onto the back of the ribbon. It’s a bit off-center, but it still works.

So there you have it. My suicide awareness and prevention ribbon.

Final Thoughts:

If you are located in the United States and struggling with suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Line at 1-800-273-8255.



How to Make an Earring Holder with 2 Materials!

Hello, my pretty little readers!

Today I’ll be sharing how I made an earring display/holder with only 2 materials! It is so easy to do, and it looks so cute! Let’s dive right in, shall we?


3 minutes (longer if you decorate the hoop)

Materials (only 2!):

8 inch embroidery hoop

10 inch circle of tulle, or some kind of netting


This earring holder can be made for less than $10!

Embroidery hoops seem to come in a wide range of prices, but I’ve seen them run as low as $1.50-$2.00. Tulle can be bought in rolls for as low as $4 or $5. You only need a small piece, though, so if you know a way to get less than a whole roll, that’s even better!


1. Decorate your embroidery hoop, if you want. If you bought a colored plastic one, that’s already done for you! If you bought a wooden one, you can paint it. I just left mine plain, and I like the way that looks.

2. The embroidery hoop has two parts: an inner hoop and an outer hoop. Loosen the outer hoop using the screw at the top.

3. Wrap the tulle or netting around the inner hoop, then tighten the screw so that the tulle/netting is sandwiched tightly between the inner and outer hoops. You may trim the tulle/netting if you wish.

4. Hang your earrings!

Final Thoughts:

What do you think? Not too difficult, right?

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5 Reasons to Start Upcycling When Crafting

Hello, my pretty little readers!

Today I thought I would talk about a practice that is near and dear to my heart: upcycling! Upcycling is the art of taking something and repurposing it so that it is the same as (or often, better than) before. It has been pretty trendy recently, and you may be wondering why. I came up with this handy list of 5 reasons why anyone should start upcycling today!

1. It’s cheap.

Upcycling usually uses things that you already have or things that you can find for low prices and make look like a million bucks. Often, an item is scratched or otherwise imperfect in some way, but with a little bit of effort, it can be transformed into something “new” and beautiful!

2. It reduces waste.

Instead of throwing away items, you can make them into something new instead! Even recycling will lower the quality of the material until it is no longer usable, and not everything can be recycled anyway.

3. It’s creative.

Upcycling forces you to look at items in a whole new way. Sometimes, one man’s trash really is another man’s treasure!

4. It results in unique items.

Even if you’re trying to copy a more expensive item, you are not going to make exactly the same item again, because your item is handmade. Celebrate that! And oftentimes, upcycling results in an item that no one else will ever have the chance to have, because it can’t be found in a store.

5. It’s fun!

I know I can’t be the only one who enjoys upcycling. It can be a challenge sometimes, and maybe you have a ton of one kind of item that you’ve been holding onto in the hopes that inspiration will strike, but when it does, it feels great!

Here are some bottle caps that I upcycled into cute earrings!

What do you think about upcycling? Let me know, and don’t forget to connect and share on social media.

Come back Thursday for an exciting post about making an earring holder with only 2 materials!


Update: How to Make a Birthday Card in 5 Easy Steps

Hello, my pretty little readers!

I was a little ambitious with the post I had planned for yesterday, and it still isn’t done yet.

(Note: The ambitious post in question is 10 Things to Look For on Your Next Trip to Goodwill. It’s a great read if you’re into upcycling!) 

However, I don’t want to make you wait until Monday for another post, so here’s an update to my last post. In it, I showed you how to make a birthday card in only 5 steps. I made all of the balloons gold for that card, which made it hard to tell them apart.

Here is the same card, but using different colors for the balloons instead! Otherwise, I followed the same steps as I did in the last post.

The Original Card:

Updated Card:

I think it looks much better with several colors. I like the way I arranged the balloons a bit more, too. Thanks, trial and error!

What do you think?

If you missed it, check out the original post (linked above). As always, connect and share on social media!

Stay tuned for a new post on Monday, which will talk about the reasons for upcycling!